Viking Explorers – Across the Atlantic 2018

Do you remember our partner 8 Islas? Have a look at their new adventure!
They organize a transatlantic crossing with 15 boats: Viking Explorers – Across the Atlantic 2018. They set sail today and tomorrow (7-8th of January 2018) from Gran Canaria,  heading to Barbados with a quick stop in Cape Verde. This initiative has born among friends who wanted to cross the Atlantic, but quickly new partners appeared, becoming an event made for sailors and by sailors. During their journey, they will collaborate with the project Poseidon of the University of Las Palmas, and of course, as well with Sail & Whale!
We are very excited with Viking Explorers, as they will pass through low latitude areas, where whales are known to spend winter time.. Let’s see what they find!
Wish them fair winds and following seas!!
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Laura S&W

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