Sightings June 2018

Here you can have a look at the sightings received during June 2018.

This month our map is bigger! From Ushuaia up to the Cantabric Sea, Galicia (NW Spain), the Canaries, the Azores and also the Mediterranean 🙂 . We are extremely thankful to all of you who contribute somehow to Sail & Whale. Every little drop helps!

From the Mediterranean we have received several sightings of dolphins (bottlenose dolphins, striped dolphins) and a loggerhead turtle recorded from a fishing boat.

In Galicia (NW Spain), two summer sunsets with bottlenose dolphins.

In the Canaries, bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins while sailing off Las Palmas, and again loggerhead turtles in Lanzarote. We have received several sightings of loggerhead turtles in the south of Lanzarote lately, around a quite limited area. We’ll keep you updated!

In the Azores, the inter-island ferry was a great opportunity to see sperm whales, Atlantic spotted dolphins, common dolphins, and a Sowerby’s beaked whale! Beaked whales have been seen also sailing between Terceira and São Miguel. Those islands are a paradise for cetaceans 😉

Four baleen whales have been sighted by the SY/ Roller Coaster when sailing between UK and Galicia. And although the species were not confirmed, the four whales were moving northwards. Interesting eh? Travelling N looking for a nice feeding ground to spend the summer? Let’s keep on contributing to learn more about whales life with our project. Keep up the good work!

Species sighted in June: common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins, striped dolphins, sperm whales, humpback whale and Sowerby’s beaked whale.

You will find in blue sightings made in June, and in yellow the ones recorded in May. Zoom in to approach and find out the species and date on each marker 😉

Sightings June 2018

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Baleen whale: 46.134170, -7.470703
Baleen whale: 45.644768, -7.954102
Baleen whale: 45.243953, -8.261719
Baleen whale: 45.135555, -8.415527
Tursiops truncatus: 39.039170, 1.006622
Tursiops truncatus: 38.268376, 0.098877
Unidentified dolphins: 38.351854, 0.065918
Caretta caretta: 28.856946, -13.817432
Tursiops truncatus: 28.119227, -15.350647
Stenella frontalis: 28.145185, -15.382576
Caretta caretta: 38.349128, 0.774536
Stenella coeruleoalba: 38.048091, 0.052185
Tursiops truncatus: 38.017229, 0.118103
Megaptera novaeangliae: -54.842222, -68.205872
Caretta caretta: 28.853750, -13.823204
Physeter macrocephalus: 38.052417, -26.174927
Mesoplodon bidens: 37.901949, -25.854950
Stenella frontalis: 38.138877, -26.235352
Physeter macrocephalus: 37.946363, -25.927734
Physeter macrocephalus: 37.920224, -25.883102
Stenella frontalis: 38.860028, -27.318192
Delphinus delphis: 38.773358, -28.273315
Beaked whales: 38.232719, -26.449585
Tursiops truncatus: 42.181405, -8.814340
Laura S&W

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