Sail & Whale at the II Symposium on Biodiversity…

And this time we went back to Almería to present our first year of Sail & Whale. Great memories from the last year have lead to a warm welcome and a lot of interest on the evolution of the project. Its secret has been proudly shown once again: great people with different backgrounds and different points of view directly involved to make it work. And it does! SYNERGY!

An efective and succesful network of Sailors, Citizens & Scientists.

Almost 300 sightings of 19 different species in less than one year.

Furthermore, another radio program has been recorded, and Sail & Whale has been one of the projects chosen to develop one of the workshops about science for conservation.

How can we thank all of you??  :))))


                      First year of Sail & Whale: a success of SYNERGY                


Universidad de Almería radio

            Sail & Whale at the workshop “Science for Conservation”

Empty the Tanks 2017

Yesterday, May 13th 2017, we have joined the international movement of Empty the Tanks Worlwide to calmly show our approach against whale and dolphin captivity.

Public awareness is raising, and a change in public attitude towards captive dolphins and whales is certainly happening. This is becoming visible every day all over the world. If we look back we have recently seen several dolphinariums closing, like Poland 2015, Finland 2016 or Barcelona 2016 among others. Several policies and regulations have been taken to fight against captivity: acrobatic performances have been banned in several countries all over the world, 20 european tour opperators have stopped the support of dolphins shows, new laws ban in France whale and dolphin breeding in captivity.

But shows continue on.. and it is still a long way to go.




Sail & Whale conference with BioBlau

Last thursday (2/3/2017) we were at the University of Valencia sharing our project with all the students who have attended to the conference.

We are very grateful to Bioblau, Group d’estudiants de Biologia Marina, for the invitation to participate in their cycle of conferences Parlem del Mar, and for the excellent organization of the event.

Thanks as well to all the people who have come to share time, experiences and questions with us. We’ve got a great feedback to keep on working and improving Sail & Whale.

It has been a real pleasure to spend some time with you all!



Sail & Whale on the radio!

Sail & Whale at “La mirada del delfín viajero”

Another small step to divulgate our project. Thanks to PROMAR, a spanish non-profit organization focused on the defense and protection of marine fauna, we have recently take part on a radio program held by Candil Radio, an Andalusian local radio. The program, called “La mirada del delfín viajero”, addresses marine topics every week to raise awareness among its audience.

You can listen hereafter the complete radio program in spanish where we talk about Sail & Whale and its first steps: