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Sightings March 2018

Have a look at the sightings received this month: March 2018.

A lot of whales and dolphins around the Canaries! Our partners Lava Charter have been sailing around between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.. with sperm whales and dolphins!!

In Galicia (NW Spain), a curious group of bottlenose dolphins has been sighted by a group of kids on a school trip doing nautical activities with Turnauga Turismo Activo. It was the first time for them to see wild dolphins so close to them!! Huge smiles in all their faces in the first spring day of the year.

One of our new upcoming partners (keep tuned to know more!) have reported a fin whale observed while sailing between the Azores and Madeira last November.

And, although a sad record, a stranded fin whale was found in Catalunya (NE Spain).

Species reported this month: bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, sperm whale, fin whale.


Sightings March 2018

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Unidentified dolphins: 28.474727, -13.693085
Physeter macrocephalus: 29.080176, -13.348389
Unidentified baleen: 28.033198, -14.018555
Delphinus delphis: 28.712270, -13.761749
Unidentified dolphins: 28.304381, -13.763123
Balaenoptera physalus: 35.924645, -22.763672
Tursiops truncatus: 42.636421, -8.807344

Sightings February 2018

February brought us bottlenose dolphins in Galicia (NW Spain) and in the Canary islands.

In Galicia we have two sightings: a big group of around 40 animals while on a weekend sailing in Ria de Vigoand other group of 15 bottlenose under a beautiful sunset as well from Vigo.

In the Canaries, several groups of young bottlenose were sighted bowriding some of the eleven boats that joined the Charter Week Canary Islands 2018, organized by our partner Lava Charter and Blue Charter – YachtCharter weltweit.

Such a great feeling to sail surrounded by dolphins!!

Sightings February 2018

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Tursiops truncatus: 42.261684, -8.726234
Tursiops truncatus: 27.868217, -17.476501
Tursiops truncatus: 27.828146, -17.708588
Tursiops truncatus: 42.232140, -8.767433



Sightings January 2018

Four sightings were reported in January, and again very interesting ones!! This month we have received a sighting of a group of dolphins in the Caribbean. For our partner it was the first time he saw this species, but the description he gave was so accurate, that we perfectly understood they were spinner dolphins. The first sighting of this species for Sail & Whale!! Also a whale, probably a sperm whale has been reported from the Caribbean. Bottlenose dolphins were sighted in Galicia (NW Spain), again by a member of a rowing club; and a very nice pod, as well of bottlenose, very close to land in Cataluña (NE Spain).

Thanks a lot for your contribution!!

Sightings January 2018

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Tursiops truncatus: 41.456622, 2.279663
Probably Stenella longirostris: 11.700652, -61.221313
Tursiops truncatus: 42.240465, -8.793182
Physeter macrocephalus?: 12.275599, -61.765137


Sightings December 2017

And last sightings of 2017! Amazing year because of you all!!

During December 2017 we have received sightings from several parts of the Atlantic.  Sadly, one of the sightings was a pilot whale stranded in Lanzarote. All the group came along before this animal finally arrived on land. But some other happier sightings were reported! Some common dolphins while sailing around the Canaries. A visit of 20 pilot whales while sailing from Cape Verde to the other side of the Atlantic. A caribbean welcome with Risso’s dolphins to one of our partners after his Transatlantic crossing. And Christmas lunch for bottlenose dolphins spotted while on a diving trip or rowing in the Galician Rias.

Great to spent December out at sea!!

White sighting made in August.

Sightings December 2017

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Delphinus delphis: 25.739361, -17.158127
Delphinus delphis: 23.703707, -19.772873
Delphinus delphis: 28.847831, -13.797369
Globicephala macrorhynchus: 14.562318, -31.420898
Grampus griseus: 11.983129, -59.038010
Tursiops truncatus: 42.174345, -8.817215
Tursiops truncatus: 42.239194, -8.790779
Tursiops truncatus: 42.584939, -8.919868

Sightings November 2017

During November several species have been reported. November is the time of the year when lots of sailboats prepare to cross the ocean  through low latitudes following the Alisios, the trade winds. Usually they set sail in the Canaries to arrive after two-three weeks of wind and sea to the Caribbean. At least till mid January, these adventurous sailors will be leaving the Canaries, some of them stopping at Cape Verde, and some others sailing directly to “the other side”.

Our sightings this time were made sailing between Madeira and the Canaries, leaving the Canaries to cross the Atlantic, and from Cascais heading to the Azores. We don’t want to forget neither one sighting made in the Pacific from the coast around San Diego (California). And one surprising baleen whale (probably minke whale) which appeared last May close to a diver while doing decompression in the Canaries.. How amazing this could be??

Sighted species:

Pilot whales (Globicephala sp.), bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus),

probably minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) and unidentified odontocete.


Sightings November 2017

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Globicephala sp: 27.994401, -16.929932
Globicephala sp: 32.583849, -15.227051
Tursiops truncatus: 38.685510, -10.019531
Unidentified species of big odontocetes: 31.952162, -123.750000
Probably Balaenoptera acutorostrata: 28.909752, -13.666801



Sightings received in October 2017

Sightings received this month has been amazing! How proud we are of our partners and all the people who have joined the project. With this map we can easily realize that there are no frontiers in the ocean. Our project is growing step by step!

We’ve received sightings recorded during a sailing trip through the south Atlantic to Madagascar (sent by our partners Apprentis Nomades), and also sightings reported by researchers of San Diego (California), and Galicia (NW Spain). So.. three oceans! Please, zoom in and you’ll be surprised!

Species sighted:

  • Atlantic Ocean: bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins, common dolphins
  • Pacific Ocean: humpback whales, dolphins
  • Indian Ocean: humpback whale, Indo Pacific humpback dolphin, green turtle, hawksbill turtle

(Although all the sightings of this map have been reported during October, some have been made as well in the previous month. We show each month sightings with a different marker color)

Sightings received in October 2017

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Unidentified dolphin: 32.865746, -117.270813
Megaptera novaeangliae: 32.810362, -117.372437
Megaptera novaeangliae: 32.833443, -117.333984
Megaptera novaeangliae: 32.857672, -117.287979
Tursiops truncatus: 42.208176, -8.822021
Unidentified dolphins: -12.554564, 47.460938
Delphinus delphis: -12.039321, 46.845703
Delphinus delphis: -32.842674, -16.523438
Stenella frontalis: -34.161818, 17.050781
Sousa chinensis: -12.211180, 46.054687
Megaptera novaeangliae: -11.092166, 46.230469
Eretmochelys imbricata: -11.824341, 47.109375
Sousa chinensis: -11.221510, 46.889648
Sousa chinensis: -10.444598, 46.713867
Chelonia mydas: -11.178402, 47.636719
Chelonia mydas: -11.178402, 47.373047
Eretmochelys imbricata: -10.617418, 47.241211
Chelonia mydas: -10.314919, 47.988281
Sousa chinensis: -11.781325, 47.636719
Chelonia mydas: -11.523088, 49.570313
Chelonia mydas: -11.005904, 47.241211
Sousa chinensis: -10.055403, 47.680664
Sousa chinensis: -12.039321, 51.503906
Sousa chinensis: -10.401378, 47.900391
Megaptera novaeangliae: -10.574222, 47.724609
Sousa chinensis: -10.919618, 48.779297
Megaptera novaeangliae: -11.609193, 48.032227
Megaptera novaeangliae: -10.833306, 49.218750
Megaptera novaeangliae: -10.660608, 48.339844


Sightings September 2017

This month we focused on Galicia. We have received two sightings of bottlenose dolphins, and even not directly reported to Sail&Whale, journals and newspapers have shown two amazing sightings in the area: two blue whales! They are not frequently sighted around this area, but for sure those sightings will provide new clues to better understaind their migration routes!

Sigthing September 2017

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Balaenoptera musculus: 42.772219, -9.209290
Balaenoptera musculus: 42.334184, -9.238129
Tursiops truncatus: 42.219365, -8.809662
Tursiops truncatus: 42.243260, -8.834381