Species identification

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To correctly identify a species is not always an easy task. Specially when you see it just once or twice, or afar, or when you need to pay attention to the sailing itself! However, some of the species commonly sighted are very easy to identify.

We have prepslide_tips_identif_ppsxared a presentation with some IDENTIFICATION TIPS that can be helpful to have some first notions to easily distinguish some of the most common species you may sight sailing through the Macaronesia. Sometimes you just need to know where to look!

Here we provide as well a list of useful links where you can find information about cetacean identification, with photos and examples. Hope it is useful!

  1. FUTURISMO AZORES WHALE WATCHING. In English, you can find information about all the species sighted in the Azores and follow their daily sightings.
  2. RED PROMAR. In Spanish, citizen-science platform that collects sightings of marine life in the Canaries. Here the link to the cetaceans part (useful as well for the rest of the Atlantic!).
  3. CETAVIST. In Spanish, volunteers collect data on ferry boats travelling among the Canary Islands (useful as well for the rest of the Atlantic!).
  4. Identification guide – Canaries, Azores, Madeira, Cape Verde and Mediterranean Sea.






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