Sightings August 2017

This month we received Risso’s dolphins in Galicia! Another sightings as well has been made in the Mediterranean: bottlenose dolphins. Furthermore, Bryde’s whale and Atlantic spotted dolphins off Azores. Very well identified with photos and videos ­čśë Keep tuned to see them soon!


Sightings August 2017

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Grampus griseus: 42.774582, -9.047284
Stenella frontalis: 37.582677, -25.453949
Balaenoptera edeni: 37.587575, -25.431290
Stenella frontalis: 38.599700, -28.333740
Tursiops truncatus: 37.701207, -0.241699
Unidentified dolphins: 37.263124, -24.870300


Laura S&W

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