Ster van Isis & Johan de Meij

Ster van Isis & Johan de Meij

Ster van Isis is the sailboat of Johan de Meij, who is sailing alone around the Atlantic raising awareness about ocean conservation and plastic pollution in the ocean. Johan has born in the Netherlands, surfed and sailed almost all his life, mostly in the North Sea, and this year as well in the North Atlantic Ocean, from his home to England, Spain and the Azores and back. In the Netherlands he actively works for the Plastic Soup Foundation, involving citizens and raising awareness in the society.

He has joined Sail & Whale after sailing to the Azores and finding whales on his way. He came across to know more about whales, and finally we ended up learning more with him about plastic pollution. We are proud to count on people like Johan as partners on Sail & Whale. Passionate, with initiative and ready to spread the world and help our oceans.

Follow him and help him to undertake the adventure:



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