L’Alliance is the 45ft ketch of a group of enthusiastic ever-migrating people with a common dream: to sail the world, forgetting borders and restrictions and leaving behind some of the most behated dynamics of life on land. They’ve started their adventure refitting the boat in 2011 and after five years of hard work they set sail to make their dream come true. 

They have sailed through the Mediterranean, passed by Gibraltar, Madeira, the Canaries, Cape Verde and their latest adventure, the TransAtlantic crossing! Recently arrived in Curação, they are full of energy and life, getting in touch with nature and cooperating with its elements to feed their nomadic dreams.

Their multilingual web page, more than just a blog, also displays a lot of content about alternative sailing, marine conservation and social consciousness.

Follow them at: alliancesail.org 






Laura S&W

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