What We Do

Our goal is to establish a long-term cetacean monitoring program creating a network of sailors, citizens and scientists.

Traditionally, cetaceans have been studied from dedicated platforms of observation (e.g. vessels or planes) or fixed points on land. However, their implicit economic constrictions have lead recently to emerging opportunistic observation platforms, like whale watching companies, fishing boats, ferries or cargo ships. Till now, there was no effective way to involve private boats, which are sailing all throughout the ocean without temporal or spatial restrictions.

According to this, the innovative nature of the project relies on several bases:

  • First of all, the use of non-traditional observation platforms: SAILBOATS.
  • Secondly, it is a long term cetacean monitoring program. The low cost nature of the project and its potential to be self-sustainable and easy to expand, makes it a great opportunity to get long term data series.
  • Finally, it will provide data otherwise inaccessible, and it will be openly shared. We will actively collaborate with other ongoing projects and researchers in order to take the most of the data collected.
  • OPEN SHARED DATA. Science needs collaboration!

Furthermore, increasing public awareness should be a must, getting to know the real people involved on the project, learning from each other and divulgating experiences and knowledge.